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Monday Aug 19, 2019

Ever wanted to go to a con? Not sure how to make it stress-free and fun? Here are some tips and tricks to surviving a con and having a great time! Music:

Sunday Aug 11, 2019

We highly recommend Love Death + Robots! Listen to this episode for all the reasons why! There is a spoiler-free section at the beginning for those who have not yet seen this Netflix anthology. Music:

Sunday Jul 28, 2019

Are you a writer? Are you looking to get into writing? This week we offer writing advice as experienced authors. Music:

Sunday Jul 21, 2019

What's it like to be a woman in the nerd space? This week, we discuss feminism for nerds, female body standards in media, and much much more! Music:

Monday Jul 15, 2019

  Bree and I went to Anime Midwest! We hosted panels and cosplayed and had a blast! Music:

Monday Jul 15, 2019

Example of our  off-topic podcasts that'll bee available on our Patreon between seasons. In t his episode, we discuss the environment, politics, and more! Music:

Monday Jul 15, 2019

**SPOILERS: GOOD OMENS** Welcome to the first episode of The Shiny Squirrel! In this episode, we discuss who we are, our intro to geekdom, Good Omens, and more! Music:

Monday Jun 24, 2019

What is a creative? What does it mean to be a creative? Join us in this teaser as we discuss the impact creativity has had on our lives and why it's important to us.  Music:

Monday Jun 03, 2019

Coming July 15th, a new podcast about art and artistry by artists! Check out this teaser trailer and get to know Bree and Melanie as they discuss females in the animal kingdom, setting up a personal space, allergies, and more.  Music:

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